The Playboy’s Crush

Set in the backdrop of Miami’s elite society, a captivating encounter unfolds as a damsel in distress crosses path with her ardent Prince Charming. He, with unwavering devotion, is poised to defy all odds and safeguard her happiness.


The Playboys Crush Miami Billionaire Playboys Trilogy 1

Set in the backdrop of Miami’s elite society, a captivating encounter unfolds as a damsel in distress crosses path with her ardent Prince Charming. He, with unwavering devotion, is poised to defy all odds and safeguard her happiness.

Yet, amidst her profound gratitude for him, her heart remains guarded against the very essence he seeks: love.

He wanted her, and he would stop at nothing to make her his.

Lara, a headstrong and ethereally beautiful young lady, was finally on the verge of giving up, having plunged through several hardships in her life.

However, she didn’t expect fate to shine its light on her when she met the legendary playboy in town.

Shane Williams had never been one to get bothered by women; they were always at his beck and call.

But from the time he saw Lara, he couldn’t fathom it, nor could he resist the pull to her.


Whatever had propelled him to go after the lady, who didn’t look any human but a fallen angel, even after the it’s-a-playboy’s-thing tease he had made with his friend, Shane couldn’t point it out.

He had gone to Adrian Stone’s bachelor party, which to him would be far more entertaining than the formal wedding party Adrian planned on having, with his friend, Derrari, who was also Adrian’s partner in business. Derrari had been friends with Adrian since either their high school or college days. Whichever it was, he didn’t care, and he had known Adrian through him.

Shane sat with his friend, Derrari, and a glass of wine before each of them, both taking into observation each lady that walked by. He swept his tongue over his lip at the sight of a slim, well-shaped brunette with beautiful long legs that moved gracefully in heels.

“Stop staring at her, will you?” Derrari said, his gaze fixed on the lady’s swaying buttocks.

“You can’t resist her either. She’s hot,” Shane said, looking away from the direction the lady was headed when she was out of sight.

“Oh! I can,” Derrari said. “But I’m sure she can’t resist my good looks.”

“Quit fooling yourself. You’re getting old, man. This,” he said, brushing his finger across his face, “is the real pretty face.” He sat up, positioning himself with an aura of pride around him.

Derrari sneered. “Pretty face indeed. That doesn’t win the game anymore. What scores is the money—the cash. Ladies will line up to get your attention with the abundance of that in your hands.”

“But there’s no denying the fact that every lady’s dream is to have a Prince Charming, desperate to win her love, down on his knee, with a ring ready in his hand,” he said with a faux dreamy expression on his face.

“Quit talking rubbish. Women’s main foresight is money, and everything about them is money. Money first, then, maybe, Prince Charming.”

“I agree with you on that,” Shane said, raising his cup to his mouth and taking a drink from his wine.

Derrari’s gaze swept through the throngs of people in the bar, both men and women, in a wild frenzy. Hoots and whistles erupted at the sight of a stripper twirling and dancing seductively on stage.

One of the men staggered up to the stage, grabbed the stripper to himself, and splayed his hands over her body while she danced.

“Wow!” Derrari muttered under his breath as he stared at the lone angel that sat at the counter.

Shane followed his gaze and reacted as Derrari had done, a “Wow!” escaping his mouth as well. Although he could only glimpse a side view of her face, he knew it when he saw something extraordinarily beautiful.

“Stay away from her, Shane,” Derrari warned. “You’re more bad luck than whatever got her in that pensive mood she’s in.”

“Says who?”

“Let me approach her. I’m better at this than you are.”

“That’s obvious.” Shane nodded sarcastically.

“I am your mentor,” he told him.

Getting off the stool he was sitting on, he made his way toward the lady, taking a seat on the stool by her right while Shane took the one by her left. Everybody was busy drinking and cheering, with the groom kept busy by the half-naked dancers around him. More hollers and howls filled the air as a stripper slid to the ground, splayed her legs apart, and twirled around the iron bars.

“Hi, beauty.” Derrari waved to get the lady’s attention, hollering over the noise.

Shane hissed under his breath.

Mentor, his foot.

Was that the way to approach a depressed lady?

The lady glanced at Derrari and focused on the dark red liquid before her.

“Real beauty!” Derrari spoke to him over her head.

Shane studied her closely, taking in the view with pleasure and admiration. He raised his glass to his mouth and drank, taking in the angelic beauty of the lady.

“Over here, beauty.” Derrari gestured.

Shane hadn’t seen it coming. She turned without warning in his direction, giving him a full view of her face. He choked on his drink with a sputter. Holding his breath, he stared at her, but she didn’t even seem to notice him. Giving in, he hacked intermittently from his throat, pressing his hand flat out to his chest to suppress his coughs, and nailing Derrari with a death glare as he watched him with an amused smile on his face.

She had the most beautiful face of all. A natural beauty.

Her face was smooth and fresh, with no taint of artificial beautification. She had pairs of lovely, round amber eyes that shone like gold with beautiful, thick, dark, and long eyelashes, and small, round lips that puckered in readiness to be seared with kisses.



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